Mas censura…

Como siempre, los que mas censuran, tienden a ser los mas liberales. Ellos se jactan de tener mas intelecto, pero les molesta cuando uno decide no aceptar sus conclusiones. Por eso es que siempre leo “LaAcera”, porque no importa lo que uno diga, tienen la madurez que entender que los otros puntos de vista, son eso mismo, otros puntos de vista.

Por el contrario, cloacas como 80 grados, Sin comillas, TODO el MUS y sus varios websites, son simplementes borrados de los “bookmarks”…

El nuevo sitio en añadirse a esa lista, es Para su crédito, publicaron mis comentarios sobre el ‘mito’ de Michelle Obama…

…como trate de explicarle a Alicia (otra hija del privilegio político), a mi ni me va ni me viene lo que haga el “first spouse”, pero como le digo en mi e-mail, “give me Laura Bush anyday, and twice on Sundays”. No hubo problema, a su credito, mantuvieron lo que les escribi publicado.

Pero entonces, Jean Vidal escribio (de forma muy politicamente correcta y clara), una respuesta al Senador Bob Menendez (D-NJ)[papa de Alicia]…

…en donde le trata de explicar las razones por las que las expresiones de Menendez sobre el plebiscito en PR están equivocadas. Mi comentario al escrito de Jean fue ‘anulada’ (claro, como siempre, te dirán la mierda de que uso malas palabras).

Imagínese usted si no usaran el “bleep” en la televisión/radio, y en ves anularan todo. !Nunca escucharíamos a ningún atleta hablar! “Shitheads, how about you blank words you don’t like? Need someone to teach you how Word does that?”

No tengo exactamente mi respuesta, a si que tratémosla de nuevo…


Dear Senator Menendez;

Jean, of course, wanting to someday be an apparatchik in the Democrat party, has tried in a very lucid and well written piece to explain to you the error of your ways vis-à-vis the people of Puerto Rico voting on their future status.

I am an Independent voter, capable of voting for what I believe is the best candidate, without having to be constrained by party allegiances. In addition, I am a net-contributor, one of that (ever diminishing) number of Americans that do not work for the US government, a governmental contractor, on the dole, or in any other way supported by direct government actions. As such, allow me to be much more direct than Jean in my response.

You stated, “This type of plebiscite will have no validity. It is required that a plebiscite not be construed in a manner to produce a specific result.” Sweetheart (may I call you that, Senator?), that’s an interesting point of view. On what, besides the mounds of cash the ‘100 familias’ who run PR contribute to you and the other ‘latino neo-colonialist’ members of Congress (lead by Mr. (P)utierrez from IL), are you basing said conclusion?

The plebiscite is planned to ask people if they are willing to stay within the present ELA (aka CACC, Cochina, Asquerosa y Criminal Colonia), in a YES or NO vote, before (if they’d rather not be colonized) having a second round with three non-colonialist options.

Even with the piece of shit public education system you and your allies in PR have established and maintained in the island, the people of PR are capable of discerning that YES will mean staying within the present colonial status, with only the very thin first 10 amendments of the Constitution to protect them and their children from a filthy class of people (whom you appear to serve) who have been exploiting them for over 500 years. If that is their choice, ‘fuck ‘em, but at least they were asked. As the saying goes, you can bring the horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.

If they say No, then we can ask them again if they’d rather be Independent, a State, or some bullshit ‘free-associated’ pseudo Colony like Micronesia et al. But at least, they were asked. But to say the plebiscite is (what were your words?) “construed[1] in a manner to produce a specific result.”, because once people reject the CACC they won’t be asked again. That is a fucker of a stretch. Remember, if they reject the ELA (aka CACC) in the 1st round, why the fuck ask again?

Net-net, as I said in the comment, we’re all big boys and girls, we know why you are saying what you are saying ($$$)[2], just do me the favor of sticking to representing the people of NJ (Yes, I smile when I think you are representing Snookie and Mike the Situation, WOW), and leave the people of Puerto Rico alone.

If and when a vote for Statehood for PR is cast in the austere chamber you are part of, if we can’t count on your vote, we’ll just have to make sure we get 51 of the 99 other members of the Senate to do so (hopefully we can find even some other Latinos to support it, maybe those that don’t appear to be neo-colonialist bigots like you appear to be).




Aprendemos juntos…

PS Abajo mi comentario a Alicia en respuesta a su e-mail, “she never did answer the question about HER recommendations letters to the university…”


From Buho

Ha ha ha ha, it would figure that you, the fellow child of political privilege would like Michelle so much. May I ask how many senators or representatives recommendation letters did you include with your college application?

My democratic wife, a non-Hilly supporter, CAN’T stand that every freaking time they speak of Michelle, it’s about what she is wearing! In fact, of all the causes to support, she’s against kids been FAT!

I want ‘bammer to hang around another four, but have to admit that Michelle, that child of political privilege who has done NOTHING for the community with her life, is so many times hard to take. Gimme Laura Bush any day, and twice on Sunday’s

From: Alicia Menendez <>
Date: Thu, Oct 27, 2011 at 1:59 PM


Why the personal attack up top?  Your analysis is so smart.  I don’t know why you bury it with comments that are rude and hurtful.

All the best,

From: L F <>
Date: Thu, Oct 27, 2011 at 2:34 PM
To: Alicia Menendez <>
You guys are becoming the daily shrill (banshee wail?, I prefer of thinking of a grito as something that can warn others). Gotta stop on the freaking attacks on Rubio. I don’t give a frank fuck about Marco, but he is one of OURS also (will take him over (P)utierrez any day).

The fact remains that while I don’t know shit from shinola about Ann or Anita, I sure as shit know all I need to know about Michelle.

They ‘sold’ her as the child of a pump operator, then we find the ‘operator’ was a precinct captain for the Daley machine. U shitting me? While I did not apply to Princeton (we from Bayamon did not KNOW where the fuck Princeton was), I did apply to MIT, and was not accepted (no sweat, I am a proud product of the Land Grant school system, the system that BUILT this country).

But to tell me Michelle got accepted to Princeton and Harvard on merit? That she has been a great first lady? BULLSHIT. Honestly, she does not even have the body type for most of the dresses she wears, yeah she could learn from Laura. Not about law, or politics, but about being a HUMAN BEING.

I did not mean to insult, but you ARE the daughter of a politician. Please start realizing when people are nice to you, they are not always being nice to you, they are SO MANY TIMES being nice to Daddy.


[1] Sure it is construed? You don’t mean constru-ct-ed (as in built?)

[2] You do know what people who charge money for providing services are called right? Lawyers! (Mal pensados!)



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